October 27

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To make the best oozing wounds, you need:


  Red Food Coloring

  Kleenex Tissue

  Cocoa Powder or Ground Cinnamon

First, smear some clear Vaseline as a base.  Tear a single ply of tissue and pat some tissue into the Vaseline.  Then add a smear of Vaseline tinted with red food coloring down the middle to be the bloody part.  Then take a Q-tip and dab the cocoa powder around the edges and a little in the middle for the bruised and scabby look!


For glow in the dark “radioactive” looking slime:

Remove the wick from a yellow highlighter and soak it in a jar of water.  Mix 6 0z. of CLEAR elmer’s school glue to 1 cup of the highlighter water.  In another jar, mix Borax (laundry booster powder) to water until it is saturated (no more will dissolve).   Mix equal parts of the highlighter/glue mixture to the Borax/water mixture and shake or stir for about 1 minute.  The slime will be at it’s best consistency after about 45 minutes and will keep for a good long while if stored in a baggie in the refrigerator.  IMG_20151028_111247 IMG_20151028_111309