April 21

When I saw that E.O. Wilson would be speaking about his new book at the Exploratorium, we were crushed to find out the tickets were sold out. After all, E.O. Wilson is the Mick Jagger of Entomologists, having named more species of ants than anyone named of any species, and the world’s foremost expert on biodiversity. No one has had more influence on the field of biology for so many decades. Now in his eighties, I knew I should make a concerted effort to see him, having read many of his books.

Andrew and I went to San Francisco anyway, hoping to get in. We hit traffic all through Oakland, but made it with minutes to spare and unclaimed tickets to be had. As luck would have it, our dear friends Jack and Tres were inside, waiting for the auditorium to open. We scored front and center seats, totally enjoyed the lecture and following discussion led by Stewart Brand, and ended up with the last signed copy of his new book!

We left impressed, inspired, and immersed in the thoughts he shared about social species and why we humans are amazingly among only twelve species to have ever reached the status of being truly social. I can’t wait to read the book, a landmark for biologists on the level of Darwin.