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DNA Extractions – Yep, we did that!

February 19

Students: Please click the link to download the full file that we used in our lab last week.




February 19

You think I talk fast! Please enjoy this video about the life and work of Mendel.

GIY – Graph it Yourself!

February 10

Graphing is a valuable high school and college skill – the easiest way to talk about science is to visualize your data! Thanks, Paul for making it easier for my students.

Genetically Modified Foods

February 6

This is a more “mature” Bill Nye series


January 31

To help with your homework!


January 29

This is a fun lab!  Click the link below the dragon – enjoy!




Moisaic Tiles – Visual Arts

January 27

IMG_20131219_120202 IMG_20131219_120237 IMG_20131219_120313 IMG_20131219_120332 IMG_20131219_120344 IMG_20131219_120413 IMG_20131219_120427 IMG_20131219_145846 IMG_20131219_145858 IMG_20131219_145906 IMG_20131219_145921 IMG_20131219_145936 IMG_20131219_150006 IMG_20131219_150034 IMG_20131220_074817 IMG_20131220_074838 IMG_20131220_074856 IMG_20131220_074911 IMG_20131220_074926 IMG_20131220_083041 IMG_20131220_083055 IMG_20131220_083121 IMG_20131220_083254 IMG_20131220_083316 IMG_20131220_083330 IMG_20131220_083346

Meiosis Video to Watch

January 17

Study Guide for January 22nd Quiz – Click Here!

Mitosis and Meiosis Animation

January 12

This is a really helpful website – play around with both the mitosis and meiosis animations


Cell Reproduction – Mitosis and Meiosis

January 2

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The earliest stage in the lifecycle of the Bug Lady has been traced to the Midwest in the early 1990s, where elementary students near the Illinois State University campus were presented with live insects from the ISU Entomology Lab by an inspired graduate student.

Wings unfurled, she expanded her range as Associate Director of Education for Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences in Peoria. Bug Lady appeared frequently in school outreach and after school enrichment programs, summer camps, senior homes, and occasionally on the local news. In 2001, she served as President of the Peoria Academy of Sciences, reviving the Entomology section and encouraging girls to pursue careers in science.

She then migrated to the west coast, not unlike the Monarch butterfly, to bask in the California sun and tend to her newly hatched larva (baby Sophie). “In my mind and my heart, I’ve always been the Bug Lady, not so much for the knowledge I’ve acquired regarding insects, but more for the feeling that I’m in a constant state of metamorphosis – ever changing.”

Now, after a long diapause, the imago of Bug Lady has recently been sited in Alameda summer programs along with her assistant, Bug Gurl. She is taking flight in cyberspace to share her love of insects, science and life in general with enthusiasts of all ages.